Ammonia is energy as it's never been known before.

We envision fitting into the high-voltage transmission grid as a sort of ‘kitchen sink’ for all surplus renewable energy. The energy storage capacity of Ammonia fuel is only really limited by the supply of electricity, meaning we can purchase every single kilowatt-hour of surplus renewable generation in an entire ISO (Independent System Operator, or regional electric grid) for storage as our liquid sunshine.

Right now, when the sun is high in the sky and solar panels are overproducing, or when the wind is out flipping shingles at 02:00 in the morning and turbines are spinning maniacally - there are too many kilowatt-hours generated without a guaranteed offtaker, which can damage grid infrastructure and even start wildfires. The modern solution is to simply disconnect the overproducing units from the larger grid, called 'curtailment'.

Our Ammonia/Hydrogen fuel will permanently eliminate curtailment by providing a guaranteed purchase of every kWh of renewable power, establishing regional power price floors which will facilitate an unrestricted buildup of renewable power everywhere. Developing our technology will guarantee that the surplus power is efficiently captured, and in a form that can safely power everything from refrigerators, to industrial furnaces, commercial airliners, and even space-faring rocket ships.